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2018 Invitational Tournament Information

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tournament Logistics

Check-in: 6:45 am - 8:00 am at Sever Hall

Teams may check-in no earlier than 6:45am, and no later than 8:00 am at Sever Hall in Harvard Yard. Check-in must be done by the coach listed as the main contact. This is the coach who registered for the invitational in September, and the coach who has been receiving all of our emails.

Vehicle Pick-up/Drop-off

Harvard Square’s bus drop off/pick up zone is located on Mount Auburn Street, between Holyoke Street and Plympton Street. There is a 15 minute limit to park at this location, so please plan drop-off/pick up procedures accordingly. Convenient pick-up/drop-off sites near Harvard Yard for standard (non-bus) vehicles include along Oxford Street next to the Science Center or along Quincy Street besides the Harvard Art Museum. We would appreciate it if teams can be as quick and efficient with student pick-up/drop-off as possible to limit street traffic.

Vehicle Parking

An all-day Sunday parking permit for Harvard-affiliated parking lots can be purchased for $8.00 per vehicle. Please purchase these at this link. Finding on-street or garage parking in Harvard Square can be difficult and requires a pre-purchased parking permit, so please plan in advance. For more information about standard parking options around Harvard, please refer to the Harvard Transportation Website. For schools driving buses, buses should proceed to free parking lots at 65 Waverly Street Lot and 195 Albany Street lot in Cambridge, MA (approximately 15 minutes drive) after dropping students off on Mt. Auburn Street.

Map of Harvard Campus

Please download our official tournament map at this link. We recommend all students have a printed copy of this map easily accessible during the tournament.

Events Schedule

Our final event schedule & room assignments can be downloaded here. We recommend that students arrive 5 minutes before the start time. Students who arrive late will not be given extra time under any circumstances.
**In order to determine your team's individualized schedule, please refer to the 2018 Registered Team Numbers

Team Headquarters

Each school has been assigned a room in Sever Hall to serve as their headquarters. Please see your assigned room here. Students may use this room to study and hang out throughout the day. Please see the Team HQ Rules below. Breaking any of the following rules will result in penalty points.
  1. There must be 1 adult (older than 21) coach or chaperone in the team HQs at all times.
  2. Students may write on the chalkboard; however, the chalkboard must be erased before the team leaves the room.
  3. Students may not use any of the installed electronic equipment in the room (i.e. projectors, HDMI cords, etc).
  4. Students may eat in their team HQs. However, any evidence of food or crumbs in the room will result in 80 penalty points. Team HQs will be equipped with 1 large garbage bag. Upon leaving the team HQs for the Awards Ceremony, this garbage bag must be tied, and placed outside of the Team HQs.
  5. Students may not yell or shout in their Team HQs.
  6. Throughout the day, students will be moving between public spaces on campus that will be populated by Harvard students, faculty, and visitors. Students must be mindful of those around them, and refrain from running wildly, shouting, and causing disturbances during the tournament.

Event Clarifications

The HUSO Invitational Tournament will be running all 23 events found in the official 2018 Rules Manual here. We will be abiding by all national Science Olympiad rules clarifications as well as the clarifications listed below. Please email any event clarification questions you have to sciolyharvard+clarifications@gmail.com
  1. All students participating in Forensics and Chemistry Lab will be required to attend a 1-hour training session led by Harvard teaching staff from 7:00am-8:00am. More information about this will be sent to coaches prior to the tournament.
  2. Students participating in Forensics and Chemistry lab will not be allowed to bring any materials into the event. All materials necessary to complete the events will be provided by the Harvard Teaching Labs.
  3. Students participating in Forensics and Chemistry Lab must conform to the attire requirements below. For simplicity sake, we recommend all students wear long sleeves, jeans, long socks, and running shoes. The official policy is summarized here: Students must wear long sleeves, long durable pants (yoga pants and leggings will not be permitted), and closed-toe shoes. The Harvard Teaching Labs have a "No Ankle Policy"; this means socks worn must be long enough to cover exposed ankles. Furthermore, if boots are worn, the students' pants must be able to slip over the boots.
  4. Students participating in Game On may not bring any notes or external resources to the event.
  5. Images of the Helicopters room can be found here. The tables will be removed for tournament day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can my team be?

We allow teams of up to 15 high school students, no more than 7 of whom can be seniors.

Are alternates allows at the HUSO Invitational Tournament?

Alternates will not be allowed; however, student substitutes may compete in the event that a team member is unable to attend at the last minute. Please note, all substitutes must complete all mandatory forms and surveys in order to compete.