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Tournament Information


Due to space constraints, bus parking will not be available; teams are responsible for arranging their own parking. As our event takes place on a Sunday, street parking in the City of Cambridge will be free of charge. Individuals can also purchase a full-day Harvard garage parking pass here.

Pre-Ordered Lunch

Boxed lunches are available for pre-order online by coaches for $10/student for their teams.  Lunch vouchers will be distributed to coaches the morning of the tournament and can be redeemed for one box lunch each between the hours of 11am-2pm.  We highly recommend pre-ordering box lunches as restaurants in Harvard Square are often expensive and difficult to order for groups. Please place an order here. Please note that students should not pre-order their own lunches. This should be done by coaches.

Official HUSO T-Shirts: Order by Thurs, 12/14

Students can pre-order the official Harvard Science Olympiad T-Shirtsat our early bird price of $15. Students can individually place their own orders here. Please include your full name and school name in the additional information section upon checkout to avoid any conflicts or delays on the day of the tournament when they come to pick them up. T-Shirts will also be available on the day of the tournament, however we will not be able to guarantee sizes.

Events Schedule

The HUSO Invitational Tournament Schedule is modeled after the 2017 National Tournament schedule. A PDF version of the schedule can be downloaded here. Event Rooms will be released here one week before the invitational.
In order to determine your team's individualized schedule, please refer to the 2018 Registered Team Numbers

Scheduling Building Events

Building events that are listed as "sign-up" will be scheduled using Avogadro, our tournament management software. If your Avogadro account is already linked to your team for our 2018 HUSO Invitational Tournament, please follow these instructions to sign up for building events. If you do not have access to Avogadro yet, please contact us at sciolyharvard+teams@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can my team be?

We allow teams of up to 15 high school students, no more than 7 of whom can be seniors.

Are alternates allows at the HUSO Invitational Tournament?

Alternates will not be allowed; however, student substitutes may compete in the event that a team member is unable to attend at the last minute. Please note, all substitutes must complete all mandatory forms and surveys in order to compete.

How will parking on campus work?

As our event takes place on a Sunday, street parking in the City of Cambridge will be free of charge. Due to space constraints, bus parking will not be available; attending teams must arrange their own bus parking.

Event Clarifications

The HUSO Invitational Tournament will be running all 23 events found in the official 2018 Rules Manual here. We will be abiding by all national Science Olympiad rules clarifications as well as the clarifications listed below. Please email any event clarification questions you have to sciolyharvard+clarifications@gmail.com
  1. All students participating in Forensics and Chemistry Lab will be required to attend a 1-hour training session led by Harvard teaching staff from 7:00am-8:00am. More information about this will be sent to coaches prior to the tournament.
  2. Students participating in Game On may not bring any notes or external resources to the event.

Forms and Surveys

Mandatory Student Forms

These forms are REQUIRED by the President and Fellows of Harvard College for any student participating in HUSO Invitational Tournament. Students must have all required forms in file in order to compete: (1) Code of Conduct, (2) HUSO Program Consent Form, (3) Parent Consent Form for Minors in Lab, (4) Acknowledgement of Risk and Release for Minors in Labs. The PDF form is fillable- this means students should be able to type directly onto the document in any PDF viewer. If there are issues typing answers into the form, students may print the forms and hand-write all the responses and signatures (as neatly as possible). Coaches will be asked to submit their team’s student forms digitally in PDF format.

Mandatory Coaches Survey

1 coach per school must fill out the above Coaches Survey. Important information regarding tournament Awards Ceremony attendance is included in this survey.

Optional Students Survey

We strongly encourage all students attending the HUSO Invitational Tournament to fill out this optional students survey. The team here at Harvard is organizing special events to be held before the Awards Ceremony and would like your students' input to be factored into our planning efforts.